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          CC RACING USA


CC Racing Performance Flex Shaft assemblies with welded Stainless Steel stub shafts  

"STANDARD - left hand rotation"

3/16 x 21" Long Flex Shaft - $37.50 each   (Export price AU$ 34.10)

3/16 x 36 Long Flex Shaft - $43.60 each   (Export price AU$ 39.65)

1/4 x 21 Long Flex Shaft - $36.50 each   (Export price AU$ 33.20)

1/4 x 28 Long Flex Shaft - $37.95 each   (Export price AU$ 34.50)

1/4 x 36 Long Flex Shaft - $41.95 each   (Export price AU$ 38.15)

1/4 x 47 Square both ends flex shaft - $14.95 each   (Export AU$ 13.60)

CC Racing Performance Square Flex Shaft  

"STANDARD - left hand rotation"

1/4 x 47 Square both ends flex shaft - $14.95 each   (Export AU$ 13.60)

CC Racing "Tapered" 1/4" SS Drive Dog

1/4" stainless steel drive dog with "Tapered Leading Edge".

Price: $ 5.50 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 5.00)

CC Racing "Standard" 1/4" SS Drive Dog

Standard 1/4" stainless steel drive dog.

Price: $ 5.50 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 5.00)

CC Racing "Super Collet"

If you're tired of losing prop shafts and your expensive props then the CC Racing Heavy Duty Super Collet is the collet you are looking for.

 This is a new improved design that puts the crimping force of the insert at the end of the collet instead of inside the collet where your shaft can slip out. Once you have used one of these you will never buy any other collet. This is made out high quality Stainless Steel and is a heavy duty unit that uses standard 5/8 wrenches to tighten on the shaft.

Suits Zenoah, QD & RCMK gas engines to 1/4" round cable

Price: $ 15.95 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 14.50)

Super Collet to suit 1/4" square drive flex  - $19.30  (Export AUD 17.55)

CC Racing "Super Collet" Replacement Round Insert

Replacement 1/4" round stainless steel insert for CC Racing Super Collet.

Price: $ 5.95 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 5.40)

CC Racing "Super Collet" Square Drive Insert

Stainless Steel 1/4" square drive insert for CC Racing Super Collet.

Price: $ 9.30 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 8.45)

CC Racing Monster V2 "Stainless Steel" exhaust system

"This is the latest design, more powerful, Monster V2 "stainless steel" tuned pipe featuring an adjustable length internal stinger for the ultimate in adjustable tuned pipes.

System comes complete with no leak water cooled exhaust flange, 1" O.D. stainless steel header, stainless steel tuned pipe clamp and Monster V2 stainless steel tuned pipe with adjustable length internal stinger.

Select either 100 Deg, 105 Deg, 90 Deg +1", +2" or +3" header

$ 198.00 inc. GST   (Export price AU$ 180.00)

CC Racing 1" Stainless Steel Headers

CC Racing USA 1" diameter stainless steel exhaust headers are available in the following angles:

100 Deg, 105 Deg, 90 Deg +1", 90 Deg +2" & 90 Deg +3"

90 Deg +1" headers are back in stock

Price: $ 21.00 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 19.10)

CC Racing 1" SS Drop Header 

CC Racing 1" SS Header - 90 deg +2" offset with 2" DROP

Price: $ 21.00 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 19.10)

CC Racing 1" No Leak Exhaust Flange

1" No-leak water cooled exhaust flange comes complete with 1" Viton O-Rings, Brass water fittings and stainless steel mounting bolts.

Fits Zenoah and RCMK exhaust ports.

Price: $ 32.90 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 29.90)

CC Racing 1" High Temp VITON O-Ring

CC Racing 1" I.D. High Temperature Viton O-Rings to suit all CC Racing exhaust flanges and Powermaster tuned pipes.

Price: $ 1.20 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 1.10)

CC Racing Monster V2 "Split" SS Pipe Clamp

 CC Racing "Split" stainless steel tuned pipe clamp to suit Monster V2 tuned pipe with 1" OD headers. Includes two stainless steel cap head bolts for secure clamping of tuned pipe and header.

$ 38.90 inc. GST   (Export price AU$ 35.40)

CC Racing 1/4" Super Stinger Drive Assembly

Super Stinger Drive is adjustable up and down on the transom with slotted holes. (For different sized props)

Super Stinger Drive Arm has plenty of adjustment for positive or negative angle and has indexed lines for easy reference. (For adjusting ride attitude to different water conditions)

Super Stinger Drive's overall length is adjustable. You have the ability to adjust the overall length of the drive with the barrel that goes from standard to extra long for boats that require a long drive. Loosen the two set screws and slide barrel in or out to suit your application.

Super Stinger Drive comes with all stainless hardware with 8/32" mounting bolts

Price: $ 59.00 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 53.65)

CC Racing Billet Alloy Carb Pump Cover

CC Racing billet aluminum black anodized carb pump cover for Walbro style carbs. There a lot of these style units on the market that are a cheap import just for show, but we designed these to actually help performance. This not only replaces the steel cover that always seems to rust, corrode or have the ends bent from normal maintenance, but it has a deeper well to allow the diaphragm a less restricted area to help suit high RPM. Comes with the correct longer Stainless screws with built in washer, anodized black to prohibit corrosion.

Suits Walbro WT series Carburetors


$ 14.95 inc. GST    (Export price AU$ 13.60)

CC Racing Stuffing Block

New CC Racing Billet Alloy Stuffing block. If you don't like using epoxy or fibreglass to put your stuffing tube through your hull here is your alternative. Comes with all Stainless Steel mounting hardware.

These will work in most Cats, Hydros and Cracker box hulls.

Price: $ 34.70 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 31.55)

CC Racing Drop Zenoah Engine Mount

CC Racing Zenoah/Quickdraw Quick change Drop mounts are the best mounts on the market and they make engine swaps a breeze. Our kits come with thicker plates then most of the copy cat mounts on the market as ours are approximately 0.158" thick where most of copy cats are only 0.121" and will start to crack after a short period of time. These kits come with all Stainless Bolts and the correct size flat and lock washers were needed, Rubber isolators and CC Racing exclusive Throttle Arm/Coil Relocator Bracket that puts the gray coil on side of the engine with good ground instead of up high on the pull start with a poor ground. We have the only front plates on the market with inserts instead of screws going right into the aluminum so that they will not strip out after being used a few times.


Made In the USA and comes with all SS Metric bolts.


Suits Zenoah G231/260/300 PUM engines, will NOT fit G320PUM engines

$ 94.50 inc. GST   (Export price AU$ 85.90)

CC Racing Monster 29.5cc (G300) Race Modified Piston

CNC modified piston, lightened and reshaped

Suits Zenoah G290 & G300 PUM Marine engines

$ 78.60 inc. GST    (Export price AU$ 71.45)

CC Racing Magnet Hatch Mounting Kit

CC Racing Magnet Hatch Mounting Kit comes with two complete mounts as you see in the picture.

There are two Rare Earth magnets in alloy mounting cups that bolt to your hatch with a 8/32 Stainless button head screw. The two Magnet pads have a Stainless 4/40 mounting screw with Stainless lock nut. This makes it very easy to mount most hatches without the need for O-rings and other difficult mounting solutions. The good part about these Rare Earth magnets is that they are strong enough to hold your hatch on during hard running but will allow your hatch come off easily in the case of a flip.

Price: $ 14.95 inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 13.60)

CC Racing Copper Cylinder Gasket

CC Racing copper base gaskets are made of premium grade soft copper for a good seal. They are also re-usable.

We offer them in different thicknesses: 0.002", 0.003", 0.005, 0.010", 0.012", 0.020"


Suits Zenoah G231/260/290/300 PUM Marine Engines.

$ 10.90 inc. GST per gasket   (Export price AU$ 9.90)

CC Racing Ceramic Crankshaft Bearing

These are the new CC Racing ceramic bearings that are made for Zenoah G231PUM, G260PUM and G300PUM marine engines. They have the correct chamfer to fit the radius on the Zenoah crankshaft, so the engine still has the correct end play without binding. They will run cooler and free up horsepower with less friction. These are not cheap china bearings, these are high quality bearings.

40% Less Friction vs. Steel, Less Friction = More Horsepower, 60% Less Rotating Weight, Lower Vibration & Cooler Running Conditions.

Price: $ 47.95 each inc. GST  (Export price AU$ 43.60)


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